Student Life: Founder’s Week

foundersdayShortly after the start of spring semester at the University of Georgia, a special week seems to have snuck its way into the end of January.

Going on 232 years, this tradition recognizes the day that UGA became the first state-chartered university on Jan. 27, 1785. Just a year before, the general assembly had set aside 40,000 acres of land in Athens, Ga. to be endowed to a college or seminary of learning.

The first university president Abraham Baldwin is remembered amongst founder’s day tradition, notably upon the various posters and publicity materials seen around campus. He remains immortalized along North campus, a statue in his honor standing in front of Old College.

As a relatively young tradition having been established just in 2002, Founder’s Week consists of events spread over each weekday aimed at getting students to celebrate this important anniversary.

The UGA Alumni Association hosts this weeklong celebration, which included this year a T-shirt giveaway, tradition tuesday on Herty Field, the State of the University Address in the chapel, a mix & mingle day, along with a celebration in Tate Plaza.

This year, the 15th annual Founders Day Lecture, which has always been held in the chapel, featured accomplished UGA professor Charles Bullock, who has received multiple research grants for his award-winning research along with the William A. Owens Creative Research Award presented by UGA.

Having been with the School of Public and International Affairs for now nearly 50 years, Bullock presented a lecture entitled “The Highs and Lows of the 2016 Presidential Election.”

Arezou Taeed, a Student Alumni Council representative, acts along with other council members as an official student ambassador for the UGA Alumni Association. She spent Founders Week 2017 playing a small but important role through  “encouraging joining SAC, giving out free food and prizes, and setting up/breaking down the tabling area”      

While describing the importance of UGA’s student body throughout UGA’s history, Taeed stated that “Without their voices and capabilities, UGA would not be the school it is today”




Arezou Taeed

Student Alumni Council Member




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