Following the New Year, Students share their Advice on how to Stay Active

As a fitness instructor at the Ramsey Student Center, Kateri Goodwin said she wishes everyone was as excited about fitness as she is.

However, Goodwin, who is a senior from Atlanta, Georgia, studying health promotions, said that students come to the gym at the start of the year to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions, but gym attendance quickly tapers off.

“I think it [consistency] takes longer, because it’s a mental thought process,” said Goodwin.

“The first week back it’s a zoo, now its a lot less crowded,” said Max Wieder, a freshman from Atlanta, Georgia, studying biology and spanish.

Although there is excitement surrounding working out at the start of the year, Tanner Davis, a senior studying microbiology from Cartersville, Georgia, says that he thinks students should be able to make changes not only at the start of the new year.

“I don’t think that a new year’s resolution should be the starting date of saying ‘I’m going to change,’ you should be able to say that any day of the year and start from there, but I guess it’s just easier when you say new beginning,” said Davis.

Despite the slowing gym attendance in the last several weeks, students are starting to make their way back to the gym in preparation for spring break.

“Yes definitely, it usually picks back up around spring break because everybody is trying to look good for spring break,” said Daniel Thomas, a sophomore intended MIS major from Albany, Georgia.

At  20 years old, the 440,000 square feet of floor space, Ramsey Student Center is one of the largest student athletic recreation facilities in the United States, according to the center’s website. With so many exercising options, some of which include badminton, soccer, swimming, and various cardio and weight training opportunities, students have to navigate through them to find what works best for them.

Among the students who addressed the changing gym attendance, there was one similarity: they all had found a way to make the gym work for them.

“Find something that you like to do, and it just somehow also happens to be a workout, and then try to follow that through,” Ian Durie, a second year master’s student from Parkland, Florida, studying biomanufacturing and bioprocessing. 

Though exercise is vital, students also addressed the importance of a healthy diet paired with exercise when trying to achieve their New Year’s goals.

“You’re not going to see results within the first month of the year, so making sure that you’re devoted and not just working out but also making sure you’re watching what you’re eating is very important, so just staying consistent’ and you’ll get there,”  said Melyssa Haughton, a sophomore accounting major from Lilburn, Georgia.

New Year’s resolutions often entail that with a new year comes a “new me,” but according to Goodwin, real change can only happen once you’ve found your own motivation.

“You have to want to get there .. That’s not something like I can really tell people to change,” Goodwin

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“I usually feel like I have a better workout when I’m with my friends because it’s kind of embarrassing if you can’t keep up,” said Caroline Peck, a sophomore from Woodstock, Georgia, studying international affairs and political science.

“Stick to it, remind yourself why you’re doing it in the first place,” said Nathan Li, a junior finance major from Johns Creek, Georgia.

“Going with friends, or having a support system is the best,” said Darcy Schueler a master’s student from Clovis, California, studying agricultural and environmental education.

“Do something that’s realistic, because if it’s not realistic then you’re not going to do it,” said Anna Hall, a sophomore undecided business major from St. Simons, Georgia.

“Find something that works for them,” said Ahmet Vardar, a freshman from St. Simons, Georgia, studying biology.

“I was already trying to go everyday and I just want to keep that up,” said Logan Griffin, a junior from Wilkes County, Georgia studying exercise and sports science.


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